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List of Works
List of Available Works for Purchase
HTML pages, video editions, and specifications for each.

To Purchase
Contact me at: cassie.mcquater@gmail.com to inquire about the work you are interested in.

Example Contract & Certificate of Authenticity
for purchasing my HTML works.

• $500 - $1000 sliding scale for purchase of an HTML page.
• $1000 - $2000 sliding scale for creation of new HTML page.
• $500 - $1200 sliding scale for video editions.

About the work on offer
HTML pages, commissions for new HTML pages, and video editions are available.

I think of Black Room as both a coherent video game narrative, whose pages are dependent on each other to tell a certain story, but also as a collection of net art works that can and should stand alone - each page its own contained story worth celebrating. I created Black Room with this dual purpose in mind. I would like each individual page to be funded, and given proper stewardship.

Credit in the Code
In addition to a Certificate of Authenticity, credit is also written into the code of the HTML page.