Installations for the Humans of Google Earth

3D Models, Google Earth, KML, 2013

Humans have been written out of Google Earth.
These installations are waiting for their return.

Moose Lake_01
Bed for traveler, Moose Lake, CA

Moose Lake_02

Senkaku Islands_Installation_01
Shunga printed beanbags, facing away from each other

Senkaku Islands_Installation_02

Senkaku Islands_Installation_03

Sectional for the mountains of India


Svalbard_Performance / installation_01
Performance: "One year in bed"

watch → here ←

Hoover Dam_01
Chairs for a man-made structure

Hoover Dam_02

Arctic Ocean_Installation_01
cans of Diet Pepsi around Mt. Erebus

Kenai Fjords_01
Patio set for the snow

Kenai Fjords_02

Sahara _01
Bed for traveler, Sahara

Sahara _02

Isle of Skye_01
Recliner for waiting

Isle of Skye_02

Sahara Desert_Installation_01
Sod for the desert